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Thank you for your interest in The Villas by the Big Bamboo. For more information, you may contact us by phone, email or simply complete the Form at right and click ‘Send’. We should get back to you within the hour if not, then not later than 24 hours!

Mobile 1: +66 (82) 808 0137

Mobile 2: +66 (81) 892 4497

Our Sales Office is located in our Layan location which is about 15 minutes from The Big Bamboo. You can easily get here following the directions on Google Maps below:

We currently have vacation rental options at all of our developments. All villas and apartments have their own private infinity pools. We recommend you book in advance!

Mobile 1: +66 (82) 808 0137

Mobile 2: +66 (81) 892 4497

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    All of our developments have on site sales offices . . . but be so kind as to call ahead so our sales personnel can schedule the appointment.
    You may contact us through the usual channels. We are usually online and can get back to you shortly. If in Phuket, do give us a call!
    Simply complete the Form above and we will be in touch asap. Do leave your whatsapp number if you'd rather we call back. Have a nice day 🙂
    Please call our Sales Office for more information
    [ WHATSAPP: +66 (82) 808 0137 ]

    CALL US: +66 (82) 808 0137


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